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Castaway Entertainment hires former Blizzard North studio lead

Castaway Entertainment, headquartered in Redwood, CA has announced the appointment of former Blizzard North studio head Rick Seis as Technical Director and lead programmer for the company's current project.

Commenting on the new appointment, president of Castaway Entertainment Michael Scandizzo said "We are very excited about acquiring more of the most important resources of Blizzard North: the people that comprised the team there were by far their most valuable assets."

Seis formed part of the original development team responsible for hugely successful Action-RPG series Diablo, working as senior programmer on the original and lead programmer on Diablo II.

After numerous roles at Blizzard North including his former position as studio lead, Seis appears to be looking forward to his new role, stating "I'm delighted that I will be able to rejoin friends and former co-workers from Blizzard North."

Castaway Entertainment is an independent developer, created in 2003 by former Blizzard North development staff. The company is currently seeking a publisher for its latest project; an as yet unannounced Action-RPG title.

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