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Casper's Scare School Classroom Capers

Nikitova the chaps behind Mastertronic's latest DS release.

Chicago, USA, November 28th, 2008 – Nikitova Games is proud to announce that Casper Scare School - Classroom Capers for Nintendo DS was released into the European market by the Mastertronic Group on 14th November 2008. It is the second game for the Nintendo DS developed entirely by international games developer Nikitova Games (, whose lead development studio is based in Kiev, Ukraine.

Casper Scare School - Classroom Capers is based around the popular Casper the friendly ghost license that is loved by boys and girls in equal measure the world over, and specifically the movie “Casper Scare School”. It features beautifully drawn and animated graphics which really capture the character of nearly all of the teachers and spooky “children” that Casper shares the school with, such as Thatch the Vampire, Mantha the Zombie and Ra the Mummy. The game also includes a lot of the original tunes and speech from the film.

The simple but innovative, touch screen gameplay is easy to pick up and is divided into 24 increasingly difficult lessons in Science, History and Gym that Casper must pass in order to get the grades necessary to graduate from Scare School and win the game. Nikitova Games have done a great job in bringing to life this original game that was designed by award winning game designer Jon Hare.

Casper Scare School - Classroom Capers for Nintendo DS is aimed specifically at the under 12’s market and will surely be an ideal stocking filler for Christmas'08.

About Nikitova Games

Nikitova Games is the full game development arm of Nikitova and specializes in game development for Nintendo Wii and DS consoles and, to a lesser extent, Sony Play Station 2 and PC. Nikitova Games is also an authorized developer for Xbox and the Unreal 3 Engine. From previous project experience, Nikitova Games' Art and Development team is well known by EA, SOE, Midway, Disney, Kuju Entertianment, Cryptic Studios and many other publishers


Tatiana Makarova

VP of Marketing, Nikitova LLC

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