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Carnivores: Ice Age

Mammoth-bagging iPhone shooter on the App Store now.

Long-waited hunting sim with brains is finally approved by Apple and is available from the App Store!

Carnivores: Ice Age by Tatem Games acts as a sequel to popular Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter. It brings 5 huge explorable 3D maps, a variety of pre-historic animals to hunt and Game Center integration with unlockable achievements to lucky owners of iPads and iPods, supporting Retina graphics. The game is now live on App Store and costs $2.99, with the first part going free closer to weekend.

It differs from the other shooting-range style hunting games, delivering primal hunting experience - dangerous, tense and unpredictable. The player is free to roam across big environments with scenic views, tracing and shooting mammoths, saber-tooth tigers, giant deers and other amazing species. However, animals are carnivorous not only by name but also by nature, and while you can survive or escape the attack of giant deer's antlers, it's better not to joke around with a smilodon. 

Apart from standard weapons range, players can choose hunting accessories like cover scent not to be spotted by aggressive animals. Exclusive freedom of choice together with animal-friendly observer mode and tranquilizer instead of gun make the game appealing to all categories of gamers who have ever wondered what would the life of our ancestors look like if they had radars, crossbows and pistols.

About Tatem Games

Tatem Games is an innovative and goal-oriented game development studio. Core of Tatem Team has emerged from good old PC game development, while their newly-born love for Apple products has guided them into a new realm of mobile and touch gaming, letting the impressions offered by iDevices be combined with mature in-depth vision of addicting gameplay. 3 of 3 currently released iOS games - Racer, iGibbets and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter have achieved high ranking in AppStore, favourable reviews and good media coverage. In 2011, Tatem Games has a far-reaching set of goals, including release of some waited-for sequels and brand new games for multiple platforms.

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