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Carmack keen to develop MMO for mobiles

Sequel to Doom creator's Orcs and Elves game likely

Doom creator John Carmack has declared his ongoing commitment to the mobile gaming plaform, revealing that he's interested in creating a massively multiplayer game for handsets.

Carmack has now produced two mobile titles - an RPG version of Doom, and Orcs and Elves, a new intellectual property which was on show at E3 last week.

In an interview with CNN Money, Carmack said: "We're probably going to have a sequel to Orcs and Elves but I'm really into the idea of a massively multiplayer cell phone title.

"I have absolutely no interest in going and competing with Blizzard in the high end of that market, but a cell phone version might be interesting."

Carmack went on to highlight the opportunities presented by developing games for mobiles, which makes for much lower development costs and could, he believes, promote the emergence of more original IPs.

"My sneaky little plan is we might be able to graduate a franchise from cell phones to one of the big platforms," Carmack said.

"It sucks to risk $20 million on a new title these days. The industry sees maybe one truly new game per year. And we're as guilty of this at id [Software]... The industry likes that reliability and the consumer knows what they like."

Look out for an exclusive interview with John Carmack in the coming days.

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