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Cargo Pilot


Date: 27th June 2006
For Immediate Release

For further information, pack shots, samples or assets, please contact Scott Phillips -

Title: Cargo Pilot
Label: Just Flight
Developer: Just Flight
Genre Flight Simulation
Release Download - 4th August 2006. Boxed - 4th August 2006
SRP £29.99/44.95/$49.99 Order a strong black coffee and a packet of glucose tablets!

Just Flight is pleased to announce that Cargo Pilot, sequel to the highly popular Airliner Pilot, is scheduled for release on 4th August.

Cargo Pilot is a unique expansion for FS2004 pilots who think they've got what it takes to become a success in the challenging world of air cargo operations. This is the natural partner Airliner Pilot, but instead of passengers, virtual pilots will be moving everything from chickens to racing cars around the globe. Flying from jungle airstrips in a Caravan, they'll gain cash and experience, and work their way up the cargo ladder to handle worldwide operations in a 747 Freighter. Cargo Pilot has a vacancy - who can rise to the challenge?

Can you fix it? The aircraft need to be flown safely and earnings must be re-invested in regular maintenance - otherwise the company will suffer!

Use any aircraft! With the unique aircraft import tool, virtual pilots can fly any add-on aircraft from their fleet or use the Cargo Pilot default aircraft - Caravan, DC-3, 737 and the massive 747 Freighter.

Earn £$! The more cargo you fly safely and the further you fly it, the more money you will earn for you and your airline.

Every flight is tracked and your performance is monitored. Fly the plane, complete the route, follow the rules and success is on the menu. But beware - as a virtual pilot's abilities improve, Cargo Pilot will set him increasingly difficult challenges! SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - Windows XP MINIMUM HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: Multimedia PC with 1.7GHz (equivalent or higher) processor, 512Mb RAM, graphics card with 64Mb (or higher) video memory, DVD-ROM drive, Hard disk space: TBA

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