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CardMon Hero

In-game events for the coming month.

Seoul, Korea - (March 27, 2011) T3fun raises the bar this April as they proudly announce the in-game events lined up for April for the games CARDMON Hero and WYD. Next month, expect the unforeseen as more than 5 events are waiting to happen for each game filled with exciting prizes. April is the high time you get your T3fun experience in an ultimate thrill! Ready your weapons, set your cards, and fight for your destiny!


There’ll be more action and clamor in CARDMON Hero for the whole month of April. Get summoned in “The Trial of Time”, kill the monster waiting in dungeon in the best time possible. Fastest one to slay the monster wins. If it isn’t enough to gratify your hunger for endurance test, get listed on the “The rise of Heroes” tournament, ready your cards and battle your way up. And because heroes are more than just physical superiority, it’s time you reveal your brain power! Join CARDMON Hero “Pop Quiz”, answer the Gm’s questions and be a real hero in and out. Want to know more of CARDMON Hero events for April? Visit http://cardmon.t3fun.com.


With your Destiny is on a hectic mode starting this month! How famous of a Hero are you? Gather your friends and have them register a new account and answer question “Who is your Hero?”. The more they answer your name, the more chances you get to win the ultimate prizes only the famed heroes get. Not the fame-hunger type? Then maybe “My Masterpiece” is for you. Brag your artistic prowess! Submit a picture of your character in the most creative way possible and get rewarded. And if you’re lucky enough, you may also stumble upon some of the Easter boxes strewn around the place courtesy of “Easter Egg hunt” event. Move forward, know more about WYD events this month; check out http://wyd.t3fun.com!

This April, you’ll never run out of reasons to celebrate as T3fun spices your global game experience with twofold FUN! Visit www.t3fun.com today.


T3Fun is a major Korean MMO developer and publisher. It is a developer of online games

with branches in Korea, Great Britain, China, Taiwan, and Japan. Its name was established in the Asian

market with the blockbuster hit 'Audition' and has been quickly expanding since, with over 300 million

current users in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. With a large work-force and skill in the

development of online games, T3 Entertainment has won the Best Game of the Year Award on

numerous occasions.

More information: http://www.t3fun.com

Hanbitsoft Inc.

HanbitSoft Inc. is one of the largest online game publishers in Korea as well as in Asia. HanbitSoft has

continuously invested in developing and publishing excellent and promising online games. HanbitSoft

has broad portfolio of online games ranging from casual games to high-end MMORPG’s, either

developed in-house or by external development studios such as Joy Impact (WYD and upcoming

MMORPG AIKA) IMC Games (Granado Espada), etc. HanbitSoft games have reached out to more than 40

countries including Europe and Brazil and it is focusing on pioneering overseas online game markets in

an effort to be a “global leading publisher.”

More information: http://www.hanbitsoft.com/

Redbana Philippines Corporation

Redbana Philippines is a subsidiary HanbitSoft Inc. Redbana Philippines currently services the popular

Global game titles With Your Destiny. Redbana Philippines aims to be Philippine’s No. 1 Online Game

Publisher with introduction of new games such as AIKA and CARDMON HERO.  

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