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Captain Blood

Developer: Akella

Platforms: PC

Release Date: 2005

Genre: Action / Adventure

Game Overview

Captain Blood is an action game based on the novels by Rafael Sabatini about the notorious Captain Blood. Players take the role of a brave and noble corsair, following his intriguing and amazing adventures in 1685 Spanish Main. The game's mission-based structure allows players a diverse battlefield on both land and sea, with ship to ship battles and swashbuckling sword fights to gain control of invaded ships. Player can experience directly controlled naval battles, manually firing ship cannons from the foredeck, or navigating his course in third-person view while cannons aim automatically and fire only when commanded. Wind strength, direction, weather conditions, ship parameters and cannon fire range must all be weighed to achieve victory. Land missions place players in the character of Captain Blood, fighting multiple enemies while gamers parry, thrust and sidestep through different combinations against enemy pirates and soldiers. Gamers gain special points as they work through ghastly sea dogs, acquiring new fighting techniques and gold for weapons and equipment.


  • Classic Pirate Adventure: Live a life of the most noble and brave pirate from the pages of Rafael Sabatini's novel. Follow the pirate star in a search of gold, glory and love.
  • Step on a sail-ship deck: Steer the ship "Arabella" through numerous battles with overwhelming enemies: capture enemy ships and destroy forts with cannon fire. Shatter masts, break hulls, rip sails and hit gunpowder casemates to win naval confrontations.
  • Real swashbuckling action: Rush into fiery hand-to-hand boarding with swashbuckler companions. Fight enemies with complex fighting system using various combos and feints. Players can feel themselves in a middle of a battle! Use cutlasses, pistols, muskets, throwing knives and hand bombs to dispose of wily opponents. Don't forget about dirty pirate tricks!
  • Enhance the Captain's power: Get experience points for prevailing in battle. Develop new fighting techniques and feints to quickly dispatch enemies. Upgrade the "Arabella" with the spoils of war!

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