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Brazilian martial arts/dance game signed by Just A Game.

Berlin, 11th March 2011 – Berlin publisher Just A Game has acquired the worldwide publishing (without Poland and the GUS) rights to Capoeira (PC), a martial arts combat game devoted to the Brazilian acrobatic martial art and dance. It will be available in retail stores in early 2011. This fascinating martial art is based on a unique harmonic combination of combat, music and acrobatics. Capoeira captivates with its complex motion capture of actual martial arts protagonists and grippingly realistic and demanding gameplay.

Capoeira is one of Brazil’s most popular sports, originating in colonial times when slaves were brought to South America from Africa. The fighting is staged not only at the foot of the Sugarloaf Mountain – players can choose from 13 uniquely styled combat arenas in real locations such as Paris, Rome, Sydney, or New York. The contest takes place inside a circle known as a ‘Roda’ and as in the real thing, the Capoeiristi are ringed by musicians who underscore the combat with traditional rhythms. The three difficulty levels Batizado (beginner), Instrutor, (advanced) and Professor (master) can be set by players to match their experience.

There are a total of twelve different characters available who, before they fight, also have to complete a comprehensive set of training sessions under the guidance of an experienced Capoeira Master. In the course of the game attributes such as strength, endurance, breathing, or speed of the character can be steadily improved, upgrades can also be purchased and special training sessions activated. There are three difficulty levels to choose from in single player mode and in the thrilling multiplayer mode several players can step up against each other and test their skills.

Capoeira releases worldwide for Windows PC in early 2011.

About Just a Game

Just A Game GmbH is a globally operating online publisher for computer and video games headquartered in Berlin. The company is a subsidiary of Bob Mobile AG with a strategic focus on two business areas - direct end customer sales of browser-based multiplayer and social games and licensing and publishing of classic "offline games" for next-gen consoles and PC.

With an experienced management team and the combination of international trade and their own operation of online and mobile games, Just A Game has a variety of options, like e.g. an established, global and far-reaching network of partners, a high-quality portfolio of titles, international knowledge of relevant markets and a maximum degree of experience in online marketing and monetization of the Free2Play business.

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Torsten Meier

Director of Communications

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