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Capcom unveils new mobile line-up

Mega Man, Street Fighter and more coming to US

Capcom Interactive has announced plans to release four new games for mobile phones in North America, including new versions of Mega Man II and Street Fighter II.

The publisher will also release a music-themed version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, titled Millionaire Music Edition. It will feature 1000 questions and will hit handsets next month.

In addition, Capcom is currently developing a sequel to Shade, billed as the first mobile game to bring "a full featured massively multiplayer role-playing experience" to handsets.

Shade II will expand the game world and add new features. Players will be able to customise their characters, play co-operative and PVP modes, send private messages and more. The game is due out in Q1 next year.

The new version of Street Fighter II is being built from the ground-up, but will feature familiar characters such as Ryu, Blanka, Ken and Chun Li. It's said to be a "key-press-for-key-press carbon copy of the arcade legend", complete with the original sound effects, moves and combos.

Street Fighter II is down for a June release, as is Mega Man II - which will feature 14 levels and eight robot masters to conquer.

"We feel strongly that our continued success in mobile must come through quality of product, diversity in our portfolio, true innovation in design and seamless deployment," said Capcom president Midori Yuasa.

"The titles we announced today do an excellent job of illustrating the scope and breadth of our product offerings and our commitment to the mobile space."

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