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Capcom® Powers Up Two Mega Blasts From The Past For The PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) System

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - November 8, 2005 - Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced two new titles for the PSPTM (PlayStation®Portable) system - Mega Man® Powered Up and Mega Man® Maverick Hunter XTM. The original Mega Man, which was originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, undergoes a complete transformation in Mega Man Powered Up. A totally redesigned look and feel, combined with a wealth of new gameplay options, provides an entirely new gameplay experience for even the ultimate Mega Man aficionado. Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is a fresh remake of the original Mega Man X title that debuted on the SuperNintendo Entertainment System, launching a separate Mega Man storyline and a new central character named X. Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X are both rated 'E' for everyone by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) and the two are planned for release in the early 2006 timeframe across North America.

"The Mega Man and Mega Man X series combined top-notch play control and invigorating gameplay experiences that helped define the platform genre," said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment. "By introducing innovative ways to experience the original classics, both new and veteran gamers can enjoy side scrolling action at its best."

In Mega Man Powered Up, a near future sees advances in science that have helped Dr. Light and his fellow researchers develop humanoid robots designed to improve quality of life for mankind. All is harmonious until an evil scientist named Dr. Wily takes control of several robots in his quest to take over the planet. With Dr. Light's help, a household helper robot named Mega Man embarks on a mission to restore peace to the world.

In this classic 2D side-scroller, players take on the role of Mega Man as he slides, shoots and jumps his way through a variety of themed stages, ultimately facing off against a menacing boss character for each. Stages can be selected in any order and can be retried as many times as possible. Actions, moves and weapons earned in areas can be strategically used to finish others and will also provide access to previously inaccessible sections of levels players have already beaten.

Mega Man Powered Up includes several major modifications to the original game for its PSP system edition:

  • Fun new visual style provides a fresh face lift

o MegaMan and company now feature super sized cartoon heads

o Every level has been revitalized, producing vibrant environments

  • Fully revamped audio

o All original background music and sound effects are remixed

o Original background music is also available for the authentic old-school experience

o Complete voice acting for all cut scenes draws players even further into the adventure

  • Totally redesigned level structure

o Every level features modified map structures as well as varied item locations

o New tricks for getting past obstacles have been implemented

o Even those who have played the original game can experience a fresh challenge, however a game mode featuring the configurations from the original version is also included as an option

o All new cut scenes before boss battles

  • Intuitive level editor option allows endless possibilities

o Players can design their own stages creating challenges that are only limited by their own imagination

o Customize everything from enemy and object placement to music

o Collect "item packs" from the main game to unlock more objects for even more variety when crafting levels

  • Online options offer even further gameplay challenges

o Use the PSP system's infrastructure mode to share levels with friends and fellow fans around the world

o Download stages created by others for a limitless array of challenges

  • Mega Man Challenge 100 - take a break from the main story mode by putting skills to the test in 100 different short stages, each with its own objectives and challenges
  • Two new boss characters, each with their own newly designed stages
  • For the first time, play as any of the eight boss robots in the game - utilize their unique abilities and characteristics to zip past obstacles
  • Three difficulty levels

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is a remake of the original Mega Man X title for the PSP system. The game builds upon the Mega Man engine and adds totally new characters, environments and gameplay features to raise the bar for side-scrollingplatforms. As with previous Mega Man titles, a stage select system lets players tackle levels in any order and replay them limitless times. By defeating bosses, X acquires weapons which can be used to unlock new paths through other stages. Armor partsare also hidden throughout the game and provide players with abilities that can be used to access additional areas and items. With combinations of jumps, dodges, wall jumps and a high speed dash ability, the action reaches frantic heights which the X series has become known for.

The year is 21XX. A mysterious robot named X has been used as the model from which more robots called Reploids were created with the purpose of aiding mankind. Unfortunately, some of the Reploids turned against the humans, becoming Mavericks. An elite squad of Reploids was formed to combat the Mavericks and thusly named Maverick Hunters. Calm was restored until one of the Maverick Hunters, a powerful Reploid named Sigma, turned against the peacekeepers. Now X and his fellow Maverick Hunter friend, Zero, must prevent Sigma from executing his evil plans to destroy humanity.

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X for the PSP system boasts the following new features:

  • New graphics - all characters are newly rendered as 3D models amidst vividly updated environments
  • Retooled gameplay features add to the virtual make over for the game

o Entirely rearranged background music and sound effects

o Complete voice acting for all cut scenes provides an immersive gameplay experience

o All new cut scenes precede boss battles

  • Modified level arrangements - item locations, map layout and strategies for completing levels have been updated, offering a new challenge for even veteran gamers
  • New gameplay scenario

o Upon beating the main game, a whole new story is unlocked where players take on the role of X's arch rival, Vile

o Play style focuses more on offensive combat action, with an emphasis on technical maneuvers and advanced moves for a hard hitting, intense experience

  • Special animated movie offers deep perspective into the Mega Man X world

o Movie unlocks after completion of main story mode

o Get a peek at events that unfolded before the plotline of the first Mega Man X game

o Gain valuable insight into the motives of enemies and allies, even learning Sigma's reasons for starting his rebellion movement

Capcom is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment. Founded in 1983, the company has created world renowned franchises including Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Breath of Fire, Devil May Cry and the Onimusha series. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the company maintains operations in the U.S., United Kingdom, Germany, Tokyo and Hong Kong. More information about Capcom and its products can be found on the company's web site at

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