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Capcom permanently bans Robson "robinho" Oliveira from all tournaments

Decision follows after the Brazilian pro-player shared that he committed acts of sexual assault on stream

Content warning: The following article discusses sexual abuse.

Last Friday Capcom announced that it has permanently banned professional player Robson "robinho" Oliveira from all its associated tournaments following his admission of committing sexual assault.

In a statement via Twitter, the company addressed the issue a day after the Brazilian player's actions were shared on social media.

"It has come to our attention that Robson "robinho" Oliveira made claims in a public forum wherein he described participating in reprehensible and atrocious acts," said Capcom.

"We have zero tolerance for these types of acts and behavior, which, at a minimum level, violate the player code of conduct, potentially Brazilian laws and deserve action."

As reported by Fanbyte, Capcom wasn't alone in its decision to no longer be associated with Oliveira. Esports outfit PATOZ Team of which Oliveira was a member of has cut ties with him, and he'll no longer be able to participate in any tournament within the country of Brazil.

Additionally, the title he recently won was stripped from him and his prize earnings have gone to the second-place winner.

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