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Capcom Mobile celebrates major-selling apps

Smurfs' Village and Zombie Cafe have now racked up 10 million downloads between them

Capcom Mobile has announced that its two original social games - Smurfs' Village and Zombie Cafe, both released on the Apple App Store - have now generated more than 10 million downloads between them since launch.

Smurfs' Village, released in November last year, was followed by Zombie Cafe in January this year and they currently boast a combined monthly active user number of over 6.5 million. Both titles are free-to-play, with in-app purchasing options.

"Our first foray into free social gaming on iOS has been successful beyond our wildest imaginations," said Midori Yuasa, president and COO of Capcom Interactive. "In terms of both revenue and performance these games have been astounding.

"In the coming months we look forward to further building-up these communities and expanding our catalogue of social games."

Additionally, Smurfs' Village took the top spot as the top-grossing app in 55 countries around the world, while both games have achieved user ratings of 4.5 out of 5 on the US App Store.

Earlier this week Capcom came under fire as the US Federal Trade Commission announced its intention to investigate the in-app purchasing business model - especially with respect to games aimed at children - after one 8 year-old girl reportedly spent $1400 on in-game items for Smurfs' Village.