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Calling All Gamers

Seriously Internet opens its doors to gamers and LAN parties.

Broadband ISP Seriously Internet is taking its next not so tentative steps in the broadband market by appealing even more to gamers. Following a run of promotions in 360 magazine and recommendation by PC Format for heavy broadband usage - ideal for gamers - Seriously is looking to get more involved in the quickly growing gaming market.

The successful sponsorship of the Central LAN event in February, server provision for intended for file mirroring, and collaboration with the IGUK and GTW networks have made Seriously want to raise its profile, and the profile of LAN parties in general, by sponsoring more LAN events throughout the UK. Previous prizes for tournament winners have included free broadband connection for a year, a prize that Seriously will most likely repeat.

A Seriously spokesman had this to say, "Multiplayer and community gaming, whether it be on MAC, PC or console, has increased dramatically over the last few years. With the release of next generation consoles in 2005 and 2006 and increasingly powerful PC & MAC hardware, we see that trend continuing and want to be a part it."

Openly making themselves more alluring to gamers and the gaming market may put Seriously at odds with some of its competitors who shy away from heavy users. You have to admire the ISP's tenacity to go up against 'the big boys' in an otherwise crowded and now more cut-throat marketplace. The Seriously spokesman stated: "We have the infrastructure to deliver against gamers' expectations."

Seriously Internet is being run on one of the best and most reliable networks in the UK so customers can be assured of the very highest standards of availability and performance. Different Internet connections are available, from simple dial-up, to a low-cost broadband

You can combine the fastest speed your line can handle with the convenience of only paying for what you use. With Seriously Internet, you will have a trustworthy Internet connection that is secure, reliable and available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. If something does go wrong, there is a special help-desk number that you can call to get expert advice and assistance.

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For More information about Seriously Internet, contact:
Marketing Department
Tel: 0871 223 5348

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