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Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth


Experience the horror of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos in this first-person horror game that combines intense action and adventure elements. Draw upon your skills in exploration, investigation, and combat while faced with the seemingly impossible task of battling evil incarnate.


Jack Walters was a highly revered police detective before his encounter with the Mythos changed his life. After his first encounter with the Mythos he was diagnosed with severe amnesia and schizophrenia and was committed to an asylum. Several years later his faculties returned and he was discharged. Fuelled by a burning desire to discover more about the dark secrets of the universe and the mysteries of his own past, he set himself up as a private detective in which he only took cases with a Mythos connection. Desperate for answers he takes a new case involving stories of strange creatures , unholy rituals, unexplained prosperity, and disappearances of several people from a town called Innsmouth.

Game Features:

  • Based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft whose work has been published in over 500 books and translated into dozens of different languages.
  • Dynamic Sanity system results in hallucinations, panic attacks, vertigo, paranoia, and more!
  • Incredibly detailed real-time graphics with atmospheric lighting and dynamic shadows
  • Intelligent gameplay involving puzzle solving as well as combat and exploration
  • Extremely realistic combat with a detailed damage and healing system that breaks down the healing process into conditions and treatments.
  • Advanced AI system that reacts to your method of play. Enemies will stop at nothing to track you down.
  • Battle your enemies by using the environment, powerful evil artifacts, Alien technology, authentic 1920's weapons and most importantly, your brain!
  • Interact freely with characters and the gaming environment. No 'HUD' during gameplay allows for a more immersive experience.

Published by 2K Games/Bethesda Software

Developed by Headfirst Productions

Platforms: PS2 & Xbox

Rated: M for Mature

Release Date: Fall 2005

*This title is not officially concept approved by Sony Computer Entertainment America

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