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Call for press/beta copies: The Book of Games vol. 2 - the annual video games compendium

The Book of Games Vol. 2 is now in production. This second book in the series - yet another 448 page annual compendium and reference to video gaming from gameXplore®- is set to hit bookshops and game retailers across Europe and North America by mid November.

The editors are reaching out for press copies and beta codes of major 2007 games for inclusion in our upcoming Book of Games Volume 2.

The Book of Games Volume 2 will cover the 100 most important video games of 2007 - including Indie Games, spread across different platforms and genres. Each game gets a double-sided spread in the book. It will feature several exclusive in-depth articles by contributing writers like David Cole (DFC Inntelligence), Allison Luong (Pearl Research) as well as interviews with industry veterans like Al Love (Leisure Suit Larry series), etc.

Call for games - Requesting press or beta copies for upcoming summer and fall releases.

The Book of Games Volume 2 is set for printing deadline on September 10th, hence we are in urgent need of press- and beta-codes for your 2007 titles and upcoming summer and fall releases.

About gameXplore®:

gameXplore®is a neutral video game analysis and technology company, specializing in systematic gameplay categorization and description of video games. The company provides a series of products and solutions, both B2B and B2C, to guide people through the jungle of games. Unlike other media and games press, gameXplore does not give subjective judgement or grade games as good or bad. They test, analyze and describe each game objectively and consistently with a mission to provide trustful information about video games. gameXplore®selects which 100 games will be featured in the book.

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