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Calibur11 launch

New Netherlands-based outfit offers new-look Xbox 360 casings, with PS3 to follow.

February 2, 2011

Calibur11 is a new company formed of veterans of the videogames and entertainment industry with more than 70 years of combined experience. From its European Head Office, based in the Netherlands, the company is pleased to announce its new business strategy to create a unique 3D shell case for consoles. With a desire to realize a casing that would improve the gaming experience without voiding factory warranty, this vision has resulted in casing that is innovative, interactive and highly customizable; featuring many improvements over the original, unmodified console.

“Our mission is to change the vision within the gaming world by becoming a one-of-a-kind creator of a ‘personalised experience’ that doesn’t exist today, to provide a virtual and physical interactive experience.”, commented Sid Garrand Vice President of Development, Calibur11. “Experience cutting edge technology that ‘expresses’ gamers' unique desires. Calibur11 provide customized and personalised state-of-the-art equipment that creates an extreme atmosphere, which embodies a variety of mind-blowing features, through a patent pending 3D, ‘sight, sound and touch’ interactive accessories“.

Initial Product Lineup:

-Base Vault                              (RRP £49.99, available in 6 colours)

-Licensed Vault                       (RRP £74.99)

-Mercenary pack                     (RRP TBC)

-Post Apocalypse pack           (RRP TBC)


            -Interchangeable Parts

-Increase Console Airflow      

            -Preserves Console

-LED/USB Lighting Effects

-Integrated Game Interaction

Release Date: April 2011

Format: Xbox360 slim (PlayStation 3 to follow)

For further information about Calibur11 and its products, please visit the website

Contacts (press only)

Deepak Bhugwansingh

PR manager

Tel: +31(0)10-298 38 46

E-mail: /

About the company

Calibur11 was formed in 2010, with offices in the USA and Europe. Calibur11 specializes in unique and innovative accessories for the videogames industry, and has a total of 18 dedicated workers with factories in the USA and China.

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