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Win real cash in the tournament.

The tournament server is a unique concept where, the server will be an event server and reset after a time period.  The first ever knockout style tournament on Caesary, complete with end game, cash prizes, and in game Gold for the winning league towards the next round.  A league based competition which entails 4 months of regular play culminating in an elimination tournament.

Leagues will be limited in size to 20 members.  Leagues may have an unlimited amount of diplomatic allies but ultimately will have to fight each other for the right to win the game.  During elimination stages leagues will be paired off using a draw and will then attempt to colonize and hold the enemy Hosts capitol city for a period of 7 days to knock the league out of the competition.  Once defeated the losing league will become vassals of the winners and will fight alongside that league.  The event will eventually end with 2 super leagues going head to head in an all out battle to colonize the enemy Host.  At this point the entire server will be split into 2 giant leagues and the biggest epic battles ever seen in Caesary shall then take place.  The winning league shall forever be named Caesary champions and a shrine erected in their honor.

Some of the best browser based games can be found at lekool, 

Business Tycoon Online:

BTO (Business Tycoon Online) is a fun based Business (Economy) Strategy game which puts the players in the shoes of aspiring entrepreneurs, who manage the Company and build their economy to be the top in the Business world.

Business Tycoon is one of the most popular games in the world with over 30 million players playing the game. Players in the game participate in role-play as an entrepreneur, starting with a small shop, experiencing all the difficulties and challenges on their journey within their game play, making great efforts to widen their business scope and raise their social class, to finally become the owners of transnational enterprises through their hard work.

Dragon’s Call :

Dragon’s Call is a journey through the Mystical Lands, where you play as one of three classes and explore the world from a top-down view. Dragon’s Call can be said to be a browser based version or World Of Warcraft. The game has stunning graphics and you can play in a variety of ways, which suit your style.

Dragon Call sets in the world called “StillLand”, a magic world accommodating various creatures, including humans, elves, dwarves, giants, orcs, dragons, animals and evil forces with tremendous power. As powers and desires swelled among the races, struggles and conflicts which created chaos and destruction in once a peaceful Land. Now only you my Lord can stop all this and bring the peace again to these forsaken lands.

Dragon’s Call is a MMORPG it has stunning graphics and variety of weapons, skills & magical abilities to choose from. You begin the journey by choosing 1 of the 3 classes in the game.

Mage – Ranged spellcasters who specialize in dealing heavy damage. They have light armor and low HP.

Warrior - Powerful front-line characters that can both tank and deal damage at close range.

Assassin - The main physical damage dealer. Assassins possess special skills such as the ability to stun and use poisons.

Legends Of Xian :

Legends of Xian is adapted from Ming Dynasty, which is one of China’s most popular web games in 2010.

 Legends of Xian is a perfect combination of RPG, strategy, adventure and various styles. Based on the history of China’s Ming Dynasty, the entire game features vintage character design, vast territory of ancient China, diversified game systems, and unique game setting.

You'll have fun in heroic adventure, affairs management, level upgrade, and unforgettable battles; you'll find tons of in game events, diversified equipments & a huge weapon refining system, an interesting slave system, an exciting arena system, and magnificent in-game pictures. Give flowers to the girl you love. Legends of Xian is a must try for all RPG fans.

Lekool Inc. is a fast growing browser game and social game developer and publisher. The company has published 4 of the Top 10 most popular web games of 2010 in the US market: Caesary,  Business Tycoon,   Dragon’s Call, and Legends of Xian and has achieved great success and a Huge Player Base.  Lekool games also plans to launch another 3 Browser Based Games by March 2011. Thousands of players have become lekool fan’s and avid supporters of lekool family! There is only one missing, You!  

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