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Version 1.5 brings "more powerful hero equipment".

For Immediate Release:

Palo Alto, CA November 30, 2010

Gift from Mars---Fearlessness Equipment and Lion Equipment

Now that the new Caesary version 1.5 has launched, some more powerful hero equipment has been added to help in the fight against the Fearless Skullbearer.

The Story of Lion Equipment (Barter Quest):

Androcles was the runaway slave of a former Roman consul administering a part of Africa. He removed a large thorn from a lion’s foot pad and was freed for displaying the friendship between human and beasts. He continued to live with the lion in jungle. During the time of the rise of the Rebel Cities, the lion’s life came to an end. In memory of his friend, Androcles took on the name of Lion. He forged a new full set of equipment for the fight against the Rebel Cities. In the battles, Lion’s achievements impressed the Senate. So the Senate awarded him two things, the Lion Emblem, representing bravery and strength, and the Lion Heart, a symbol of honor. However, Lion was not invincible. The newly-arrived Fearless Skullbearer has a strong power. In a battle against Skullbearer, Lion was defeated and lost his rewards from the Senate. Frustrated, Lion knew his time was over. He announced to all lords of the Roman Republic in the name of the Senate: “I will reward the true warriors with Lion Equipment if they can bring me back the Lion Emblem and Lion Heart!”

Story of Fearlessness Equipment (Barter Quest):

As the leader of a large and powerful stronghold, Fearless Skullbearer drew the attention of the gods. Among all the gods, Mars was most concerned about this. In the past October festival , Mars had promised to give the Roman Republic peace. But,  Fearless Skullbearer had  become a big threat, and Mars had to do something. Mars went to Vulcan and asked him to forge armor and a shield. Combining armor of his own with the newly forged equipment, Mars presented a brand new full set named Fearlessness Equipment. He decreed: “Any players who can defeat Fearless Skullbearer will possess this Fearlessness Equipment.”

To receive these items, check out your Daily Quests in Caesary. For more details, visit:

Be sure to check out the new 4 th Caesary server on!

 Have fun!

Caesary, like all of Dragonsmeet’s games, will not require players to download -- all play data is saved online. It is also free to play, but special items can be purchased via the game's online item mall.

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