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Christmas far from over, at least on Dragonsmeet's servers.

Caesary has extended the Christmas events till January 10th, in honor of the New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Christmas activities had begun on December 21 st and will continue until January 10, 2010. During this period, there will be 3 rounds of events that will go along with

 the Christmas Payment Events. 


Check out the activities and items at:

Second Round:

The second round of the Christmas Promo Event has begun! Check out the hot new Holy Equipment items today at:

If one user pays, everyone in his league will receive a piece of hero equipment as part of the promotion.

New Years 8x Luxury Drops :

Dear lords,

To celebrate the coming of new year 2011, we will open 8x Luxury Drops  from 12:00 AM to 11:00 pm(PST) on 1 st Jan 2011! We wish you Happy Looting and Happy

 New Year!

Mysterious Free Gift on the First Day of 2011

Dear lords,

We wish you a Happy New Year and have a good time in Caesary. We will send out a mysterious Free Gift on New Year’s first day, so don’t miss out!

Enjoy and Share your happiness with your Allies!

About Caesary:

Caesary is a great city building game that puts you in control of your own ancient city with a Romanesque style theme. The basic goals are to build structures for your citizens and other buildings that enable you to develop an army. This is no easy task and it’s a constant struggle to keep the balance between accumulation of resources and expansion of army. Since everybody will have an army, the situation requires players unite to form their own league. Together with a league, players can battle other leagues for control of the whole Roman world!

Check out Caesary on today!

Caesary, like all of Dragonsmeet’s games, will not require players to download -- all play data is saved online. It is also free to play, but special items can be purchased via the game's online item mall.

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