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Caesonal (?) activities under way.

An atmosphere of happiness encompasses the streets. Christmas trees are put up and decked out in ribbons and ornaments. The windows of shops are painted with Santa Claus. Mistletoes hang on many homes. This winter, Caesary will recover from rebellion, greeting the coming Christmas. Santa Claus is in a hurry to get to every city in Caesary with lavish Christmas gifts!

Activity 1: Christmas Items Released

A.   Christmas Trees  (20 gold)

Christmas atmosphere is only too evident in the busy streets of cities where Christmas trees are there. This item can change the secondary banner of your current city to a Christmas Tree. Effective for 7 days.

If you collect 5 Yellow Rebel Aglet and 1 Huns Emblem you will receive one!

B.   Snow City   (50 gold)

Snow City will bring out a fresh image to your city! Use this item to change the appearance of your current city to a Snow City, effective for 7 days.

Collect 1 Medal of Craft, 20 Yellow Rebel Aglets and 10 Purple Rebel Aglets can barter for one.

C.   Christmas Stocking   (150 gold)

What is hidden in the bag of Santa Claus? Let us have a check!

A large red stocking is left in somewhere of this country, which is stuffed with 1 Mercury Statue, 2 Medals of Craft, 2 De Architectura Manuscript!

D.   Doughnut (20 gold)

Take a bite and get one item like Market Wagon, Leonidas Medal, Dentatus Medal, Cicero Medal, Caesar Marque, Lance of Olyndicus, Ancile of Mars, Treasure Map, De Architectura Schema, Politics Elementary, Archimedes Note, Black WSC Pass, Pacification Aglet, Faunus Acrolith, Vulcan Acrolith, Diamond, Code of Draco, Snow City, King City.

E.   Medal of Craft  (20 gold)

It is a symbol representing the friendship between you and the Guild of Roman Blacksmiths. Use it to change the secondary banner of your current city. It can be got by participating in the war against Rebel City in rebel level between 21 and 50.

Activity 2: Grand Release of Brand New Equipment

Sounds of bugle calls are coming from Roman Empire. To conquer rebel forces, heroes need to take excellent equipment with them. The consummate Guild of Roman Blacksmiths has forged a set of Holy Equipment, which can be exchanged by emblems and diamond. Come on, the Holy equipment beckon!

Holy Shield

This massive shield is engraved with the symbol of Mars, and is unparalleled in craftsmanship and quality.

Holy Armor

This silversteel armor was designed by the legendary blacksmith Catarin, whose daughter was slain by the Fearless Skullbearer. Increases life, damage and defense of the troops led by the hero.

Holy Helmet

It’s a masterpiece of the Guild of Roman Blacksmith. This Holy Helmet is made of brass with the finest technique. The peacock feather on the top of the helmet indicates its elegance.

Holy Pike

The Holy Pike is made of Ironwood and silver steel, and emits a soft, radiant glow. Increases attack and damage of the troops led by the hero.

Holy Boots

These boots were crafted using blessed Ironwood and the hide of a giant.

Activity 3: Presents from Santa Claus

To make lords much stronger, Santa Claus is bringing 3 gifts that can be bartered by some required items.

Reward:   Archimedes Magnum Opus   

    - Required Items: 1 Medal of Craft, 30 Gray Rebel Aglets, 10 Yellow Aglets, and 2 Wines.

Reward:   Politics Encyclopaedia

    - Required Items: 1 Medal Craft, 30 Gray Rebel Aglets, and 2 Dyes.

Reward:   De Architectura Manuscript

    - Required Items: 1 Medal Craft, 5 Purple Rebel Aglet, 5 Yellow Rebel Aglets, 5 Gray Rebel    

          Aglets, and 2 Wines.

You won’t want to miss out on Christmas in Caesary!

Check out Caesary on today!

Caesary, like all of Dragonsmeet’s games, will not require players to download -- all play data is saved online. It is also free to play, but special items can be purchased via the game's online item mall.

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