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CABAL Online

Celebrating three years of MMORPGing with a "Soul of the Elders" event.

SHEFFIELD, United Kingdom - [25 Mar 2009] -, a leading European publisher of Onlinegames today announced the "Soul of the Elders". As part of the birthday-celebrations of Cabal Online, which is now available for three years, this is an event that invites all the old players back to the game, celebrating together what have been interesting and fascinating three years. We have seen so many players over those three years of Cabals existance. Many of them somewhere lost in the depths of the internet. Several others taking a break, many just waiting for the right moment to come back to the only true Action-MMORPG

- Cabal Online.

Players, who have not logged in for a longer period of time, have missed alot, as Cabal Online is a constantly updated RPG-Universe with many additional dungeons, a total new and different skillsystem (soul abilities), enhanced security-features and muchmuch more, that the "Elders" yet have not seen.

The most recent update alone consisted of:

- New Dungeon Altar of Siena B1F

- Soul Ability System

- Sig-Metal Set

- Sub-Password System

- Mission War and other additions

- Lots of Corrections and fixes

The right moment has come, and it is time to experience all those new things, Cabal has to offer. Players can restart their career in Cabal Online, and rejoin one of the most vital gaming communities in Europe.

For the still undecided players out there, makes it a bit more easier: All old players, that have not been logging in to the game for a long time will receive a special invitation in their Email-Inbox with a special gift, that only they will be able to activate.

From Thursday, the 25th June 2009, every old player who logs back into the game will get his/her personal

Blessing Bead - plus (30 days)!

(EXP 25% up

Skill EXP 25% up

Item drop rate 25% up

Craft EXP 25% up

GPS warp system

Alz bomb rate 200% up)

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