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NoWay Studio's DS FPS launching in October.

Poland, 7th August 2008. Fresh new video games developer NoWay Studio is proud to announce the launch date for its exciting debut title, “C.O.R.E.”. Available exclusively on the Nintendo DS TM , and launching in October 2008, “C.O.R.E” is an action-packed multiplayer First Person Shooter. With a gripping single player mission, based on a Roswell style storyline, the game also boasts an exciting multiplayer experience in specially designed arenas.

Jakub Pieczykolan, CEO at NoWay Studio states: “The inspiration for C.O.R.E. comes from the team’s love of the classic early video games like Doom, Quake and Half-Life. These incredible games have that great combination of skilful and addictive gameplay which we have now re-created for the Nintendo DS TM . “C .O.R.E.” is essentially 2 games in one, the single player mission is spread over 15 huge levels and the multiplayer across 10 specially designed arenas.”

“Capture the flag”, “team arena” and “free for all” multiplayer modes can now be played on a handheld games system. Ten specially designed arenas have been created with a range of weapons and shields strategically placed around these challenging environments. With a single game cartridge up to four players can now quickly set up multiplayer FPS game that can last for hours.

“C .O.R.E.” brings a classic sci-fi storyline and great multiplayer gaming to the Nintendo DS TM .

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In the single player mission a meteor has crashed into the Earth. The largest single impact on the earth in a millennium is being investigated by the government at a special research facility (C.O.R.E) built alongside impact site. For 20 years the scientists have been drilling into the Earth trying to reach the centre of the meteor and unlock its secrets. Just recently a news blackout was declared for the site and rumours started of an incredible find. Suddenly all communication with the base was lost. With no information on what might have happened and a new strange radiation emanating from the site a special forces team is needed to investigate, your mission as part of that team is to find the answers.

• Gripping sci-fi storyline, with a fully interactive world

• Mysterious atmosphere intensified by heavy music and advanced graphics

• Complete 15 huge, shocking and breathtaking levels

• 20 different enemies ranging from insane marines and mad scientists to big deadly mutants

• A plethora of secret rooms and special quests

• Choose among 8 types of weapons, including: blaster, shotgun, plasma gun or rocket launcher. Alternative firing modes for some weapons.

• 10 different multiplayer arenas

• Capture the flag, team arena and death match

• Up to 4 player multiplayer

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