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Buzz!™: The Mega Quiz

Faster, slicker and more competitive than ever, are you ready for Buzz!™: The Mega Quiz?

Having spent the winter lounging in Antigua, sipping cocktails, eyeing up chicks and playing the odd round of golf, Buzz thought his workdays were far behind him. His monumental success, as host of one of the world's most popular game shows, had lined his pockets with enough money to convince him that he would never need to work again.

That was until a massive speedboat, stacked with sharp suited media types, jetted onto Buzz's private beach to deliver a super slick business pitch about a new Buzz-hosted game show with so many new features and such sophistication that it would lift his profile into stratospheric stardom. And just to hammer home the deal, Buzz was presented with a crate of cash so large his prescription sunglasses steamed up and he was unable to refuse the job.

So with dollar signs in his eyes and his head filled with thoughts of winning the highly acclaimed 'Golden Buzzer' award, Buzz steps up once again to host the slickest general knowledge game show around Buzz!: The Mega Quiz.

As rumours circulate the game show world about his increasingly demanding nature, Buzz's people have confirmed he has insisted upon new rounds, more contestants and what is set to be the most polished production yet. As a result a glitzy new set has been built from scratch, including high-tech display screens for questions and scores, as well as powerful spot lighting to complement his perma-tan and slim down his post-holiday waistline. And as ever, his bespoke handheld buzzers will keep the contestants buzzing in style - now with up to eight Buzz! fans able to compete together in a full quiz for the first time.

Due to the huge success of past smash hits including Buzz!: The Sports Quiz and Buzz!: The Music Quiz, Buzz's diva-like studio demands are being met by execs and his fame continues to flourish. More and more contestants are clamouring to get on Buzz!: The Mega Quiz and come face to face with the bronzed cheesemonger himself. With eight contestants now able to take part, auditions were held and new general knowledge nuts have emerged, including a masked Mexican wrestler, a little old grandmother and the mighty superhero, Quiz Man.

Each contestant that steps up to the podium to test their general knowledge will be on the receiving end of any one of 5000 questions. Now that Buzz is rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, he has brought to the show his very own portfolio of over 100 celebrity photos, as well as movie clips from premieres he's attended to help illustrate the questions. And with the help of his new record producer mates that he met in Miami, Buzz will be spicing up his show with more than 50 pop videos from world superstars.

Buzz has also worked with the producers to develop his "Mystery Games" - special rounds where he takes to centre stage and challenges the contestants to take him on. These special rounds give him the opportunity to show off his multi-talented nature as a card shark, horse trainer and all-round raconteur.

Key game features include:

Over 500 images, including 100 celebrity photo and 50 pop videos 20 sporting clips, 10 blockbuster movie clips as well as nature clips and TV footage Fully-implemented 5-8 player mode - plug in two sets of Buzz! Buzzers to compete in a full quiz for up to 8 players Brand new round types, including: Point Picker - Choose the subject that suits you best (or suits your opponents least!) Winner Stays On - Higher or lower? Older or younger? Keep guessing right and watch the points stack up Final Countdown - It can all change in the exciting new final round! Three different difficulty levels and adjustable game lengths Hall of fame for contestants to track their stats 16 contestants to choose from, including brand new characters Five game modes (Multiplayer, Single, Team, Quickfire, Quiz Master) Buzz's keen eye for detail and his determination to be better than everyone at absolutely everything will surely make Buzz!: The Mega Quiz a smash hit when it arrives on screen this spring.


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