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Business Tycoon Online

Stronghold battle system added to online management game.

However, neither of them can compare to Stronghold Battle in terms of game scale and fierceness as well as game rewards. Before starting the challenge, players need to upgrade the Strategy Board and then get into the Stronghold Battle page. They will throw themselves into the war at the entrance of the war zone. To capture a Stronghold, players will lead their employee team to fight an NPC. During the occupation of a Stronghold a player can reap the resources it has to offer. There are nine levels of Strongholds, the higher the level, the more resources it provides. Other players can seize an occupied Stronghold by initiating an attack.

Unlike Elite Battle, Stronghold Battle allows players to battle for the Strongholds every day and only if they can maintain the occupation of a Stronghold endless business resources will be generated from the Strongholds for them to improve their companies, which are the most tempting rewards for every business tycoon in BTO.

Every 10 servers share a war zone. You can’t imagine how competitive it is for so many players to fight for 45 Strongholds. For further details on this new game, check out the official Business Tycoon Online (BTO) website at:


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