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Business Tycoon Online

Pumpkin head employees on the way.

DOVOGAME has announced a special Halloween Party to be hosted in the best business simulation game -- Business Tycoon Online (BTO), and all tycoons are invited! The event features a whole variety of different activities, guaranteed to bring fun, excitement and amazing rewards for attendees!

One of the main activities is that new employees with pumpkin head are to be introduced into the game. These exceptional Halloween employees boasts some of the best attributes in the game, and everyone has a chance to find them. Not only do they have the highest attributes, but they also have the highest experience in all industries, and a Master talent in a random category. This will make them extremely useful in the BTO Arena and in the recently announced Inter-Server Tournament due to be held. The benefits don’t just end there however. Recruiting just one of these special employees will bring you a bonus package, worth of 500 gold! With different amounts of employees come different package, each worth more and more. There are over 100 of these special employees on each server, so get hunting them down to win these amazing rewards.

As well as other activities lined up for the party, there will be a special Costume party, exclusive to Gold VIP members. This party will bring special prizes to the Gold VIP, as well as prizes for their guild members too! This exclusive membership is much sought after in Liberty City, and the rewards certainly justify participation.

For more details on the Halloween Party and other upcoming events and activities, be sure to check out the official Business Tycoon Online (BTO) website at: http://bto.dovogame.com



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