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Business Tycoon Online

Political system gets a revamp.

Tycoons and politicians alike will soon be facing a new political world in Liberty City, as DOVOGAME has just announced a list of changes to be made to its current political system in the best business simulation game-Business Tycoon online(BTO). This is one of the first major changes to come to BTO (Business Tycoon Online), with plans in mind to improve the overall game play. These changes are all designed to make the game more balanced and fair, fun and exciting. 

One of the major changes is the election process, and the emphasis on an ‘election’. The previous sign-up period was 24 hours, and a high chance of a single candidate running for a position. This time limit has now been extended to give other players more time to sign up and prepare for their election campaign. Of course, if no other players sign up the position is automatically awarded to the first candidate. Players are also now discouraged from sitting in one political seat with no ambition. True tycoons are always looking to expand their business, and this should be no different for politicians. From now, politicians will automatically be up for an impeachment after every thirty days. This means they must keep the constant support of their fellow players. Different positions also have a set term limit, where upon reaching the end of their term, will have to resign from their position. This is to encourage players to constantly strive to improve on their position, and move up the political ladder. This has also been made easier, as players now do not need to be directly under the position above them in the political hierarchy. As long as the position is higher than theirs, they can apply for the position. Combined, these changes will create more of a competition element in politics.

The changes also try to create a more fair system. This means the removal of one of type of ticket, and a price reduction on another. Previously, once a player was impeached out of their position, they could buy election tickets; enable them to sign up again for any available position without the need to start from the bottom. These have now been removed, and as a result, Sponsorship Vouchers, used in the voting process, have had their price reduced from two gold for each, to one gold for each. Again, this will create more competition as players look to build alliances and pave their way to the top, as well as making it a cheaper way for them to achieve this. 

For the complete list on the changes to the political system and further updates coming to the game, make sure to check out the official Business Tycoon Online (BTO) website at http://bto.dovogame.com  

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