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Business Tycoon Online

Now has a statue system.

Dovogame has recently launched a new Statue system for Business Tycoon Online (BTO), the most popular online business simulation game worldwide.

"According to the archaeological discovery in Liberty City, the possession of a statue in ancient times had been regarded as a token of the highest honor. The city has carried forward the tradition, and in modern times people still believe that a tycoon owning a statue is the most honored.

Since the relics for archaeological research are very hard to get a hand on, Mayor Andrew announces that an artistic statue will be built for any tycoon who has donated a certain amount of Relic Fragments and Moonlight Crystals to the city, and the artistic statue can boost its owner’s revenue as well as benefit its worshippers.

Tycoons who own a statue can switch it among three kinds: The Thinker, The Knight and The Princess. A generous tycoon will be able to share the statue bonus and manage his Statue Fund that aims to give Gold away to the worshippers. This is the first time that BTO has allowed players to autonomously manage the rewards for others.”

The purely white and scented magnolia stands for dignity and nobility! A tycoon with Large-sized Corporation can receive a free Magnolia every day to worship others’ statues. Meanwhile the worshipper can also send a greeting to the statue owner, expressing good wishes and showing his respect.

Standing out from the other fierce gaming systems, the statue system is featured with plenty of interactions. It’s all about good will, generosity and respect. A variety of rewards for both statue owners and worshippers even make it more desirable.

For further details on this and other events and activities, check out the official Business Tycoon Online(BTO) website at 

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