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Business Tycoon Online

Manual Donation system unveiled.

After the recent successful Flask donation activity, which unlocked the Item Combination technology, tycoons have wasted no time in creating amazing new vehicles and medals in Bell Labs. However, such fantastic technology cannot continue to run unaided. Tycoons are still asked to donate to help this Item Combination system running.

This is why Business Tycoon Online has released the Help Bell Manual Donation activity. As well as contributing towards the upkeep of the Item Combination system, tycoons will be rewarded with some of the most valuable prizes ever rewarded on BTO. There are three levels of different Manuals: Junior, Intermediate and Advanced. Each brings different chances of gaining different rewards.

The most valuable vehicles and planes with amazing attributes are up for offer for those who donate. This includes both the Savarona Yacht and the luxurious Blessing Yacht, both worth 99,999 Gold! Valuable Liberty Medals are up for grabs, bringing a huge 50% revenue boost to all your stores, as well as Store Upgrade Coupons, of which surely everyone cannot get enough of. One of the most valuable prizes are a recent addition to the game: Store Expert Cards. Depending on their level, this card will instantly upgrade your chosen store to either First Class, Perfect or Superlative level. This in effect makes an Advanced Store Expert card worth up to 95 Store Upgrade Points!

For more details on this and other events and activities, make sure you check out the official Business Tycoon Online website at

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