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Business Tycoon Online

In-game attack system to get an update.

Dovogame has announced to introduce a new in-game attack system on Business Tycoon Online (BTO), a business simulation browser game with over 32 million players around the world.

Dovogame has always been striving to provide a real business world for players on BTO. This update has enhanced the functions including media attack, strategy attack and store cleanliness disturb. These highly-anticipated features will hopefully bring the online business competition to a new height.

There is never such thing like “ideal condition” in the real business world; instead, a successful business always has to go through all the back-stabbings and sabotages to truly stand out. The media attack system on BTO allows players, after achieving a certain level of media intimacy by their long-term sponsorship, to make negative news of their opponents on media. However, if discovering the attack in time, the attacked tycoon can choose various methods to react on media. With the controversial newly introduced item “Bribe Card”, attacked tycoons can even choose to bribe the media to make a pitch for them if this bribery hasn’t been reported by their opponents.

The strategy attack and store cleanliness disturb are now closely linked to tycoon’s strategy attribute. Players can use “Price Strategy” to attack and “Temp Guard” to defend, or use “Disguise” to initiate an anonymous attack.

These features have surely brought life to a business simulation game like BTO, as the cut-throat in-game business war ensures more interactions and more fun.

For further details on this and other events and activities, check out the official Business Tycoon Online website at 

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