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Business Tycoon Online

Free-to-play, browser-based business sim to be launched by Lekool Inc today at 6:30pm PST.

Lekool Inc, A China based online developers and Publishers of Online browser based games, Announces the launch of its newest game Business Tycoon Online on Nov 29 th 2010 at 6:30PM PST

BTO (Business Tycoon Online) is a Fun based Business (Economy) based game which puts the players in the shoes of a aspiring entrepreneur, who manage the Company and build their economy to be on top of the Business world.

Business Tycoon is one of the most popular games in the world with over 30 million Players playing the game. Players in game will role-play an entrepreneur, starting with a small shop, experiencing all difficulties and challenges on their way, making great effort to widen their business scope and raising their social class, and finally become the owners of transnational enterprises through their hard work.

This game like real business world has its fair share of sabotages and back-stabbings. Also you get to choose a hot & smart secretaries, who will help you manage your affairs.

Business Tycoon Online Features :

1.      Shop-factory integration provides more business experience

There are 4 industries in the game: Entertainment, Catering, Retailing and Services and only one can be chosen by each player.

2.      The 6 classes of staffs shows the players power.

Staffs are the most important partner for strengthening player power. Staffs will be divided into 6 classes and represented by 6 colors. The Most capable staffs is represented in Orange, and then red, purple, blue, green, and white. Those capable staffs will be the reinforcement for sales profit, negotiation and competition. Hiring a super talent is a dream of 600 thousand players.

3.      A smart secretary helps you improve working efficiency

The Smart secretaries can handle all kinds of business fluently, greatly improving your working efficiency. What’s more? All these secretaries are good looking girls, and you can enjoy your life as a boss.

4.      The City Hall provides special right to honorable players

Players can be voted to join the City Hall, in which all members can have part of GM’s power, even close down other players’ shops or guilds. Very cool! However, City Hall members can be impeached if they are not capable.

5.      Various Synthesis System produces expensive personal items

As a successful celebrity, cars, helicopters, honor medals, suits of famous brand become necessary. Come to the Bell Lab and make your own items to show off your identity.

6.      BTO Arena, a combat place you should never miss

In addition there are constant Upgrade to game, making it more feature rich and exciting to players.

Business Tycoon Online from LeKool will be utilizing a free to play model featuring micro transactions, and can be found at http://bto.lekool.com/

Lekool Inc. is a fast growing browser game and social game developer and publisher. The company has published three of the Top 10 most popular web games of 2010 in the US market: Caesary, Dragon’s Call, and Legends of Xian and has achieved great success.

The company has plans to publish 10 to 20 games per year, including both browser games, social  and client based games. It also has an interactive and engaging gamer community, video and mini game platform. Lekool is also the proud co-host of China’s 1st Browser Games Summit. For more information about Lekool, please visit www.lekool.com.

Game link: http://bto.lekool.com


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