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Business Tycoon Online

Christmas Tree system launched.

It’s almost been a year since DOVOGAME launched BTO (Business Tycoon Online), a popular business simulation browser online game. At the end of the year, a new achievement feature Christmas Tree has been introduced in the game to give back to its players and celebrate the Christmas.

There are totally 11 levels of quests on the Christmas Tree. Tycoons need to complete the objectives of each quest to highlight the corresponding icon. After all icons of the level have been successfully highlighted, tycoons can highlight the level of Christmas Tree to get their rewards.

The Christmas Tree brings about never-before quadruple rewards. Tycoons will receive rewards after highlighting a level of the Christmas Tree; Extra Rewards after successfully highlighting the level 3, 6 and 9; a bonus gold package after highlighting each level after successfully reaching level 5 of the Christmas Tree; and a dividend when another tycoon has highlighted the latest level that you have highlighted after successfully reaching level 5.

The rewards of Christmas Tree include newly added items like MVP vehicles and 2010 Contribution medals that honor players who have been supporting BTO in the past year.

It is great to see the continued improvement and augmentation of features to BTO. This much-anticipated new feature will surely give players real Christmas spirit with its great rewards. We look forward to seeing the future improvements and great new feature that will continue to bolster Business Tycoon Online(BTO).

For further details on this and other events and activities, check out the official Business Tycoon Online(BTO) website at 

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