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Burning Tires 3D

Fishlabs update their 3D racer for the iPhone.

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Hamburg, Germany, 14 January 2009 – FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH, leading developer and publisher of high-quality 3D mobile games, today announced the publication of their 3D game Burning Tires™ for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Along with the sensor and touch controls, the graphics and sound have been significantly improved.

In the off-road racing game, players must hold their own against tough-as-nails opponents with gigantic off-road vehicles on desert, ice, and lava tracks. Players must prove their skills on a dozen detailed courses in seven fun-racers with individual driving characteristics and improved 3D driving physics. Reckless and at high speeds, with daring jumps and dangerous stunts – that is the way to win races and trophies in Burning Tires™. The thrilling duel for the lead can also be viewed after the race in action replays with dynamic cameras.

‘With Burning Tires™, we are bringing a strongly improved version of our popular arcade racer to the iPhone and iPod Touch,’ says Michael Schade, CEO of FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH. ‘The intuitive controls, combined with the polished 3D driving physics and the opposing drivers, who are always hot on your heels, provide lots of fun and constant thrills.’

Burning Tires™ is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch in a free demo version and as a full version for 2.39 Euros (2.99 USD).


FISHLABS is one of the leading developers and publishers of high quality mobile 3D games. Founded in 2004, FISHLABS is responsible for the development of more than 18 high-end mobile games and employs a team of 30 people at the company's headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

FISHLABS' portfolio of mobile games includes numerous award-winning original IPs, such as Galaxy on Fire™, DEEP™, Blades & Magic™, Rally Master Pro™ or Snowboard Hero™ as well as AAA brands for well-known business partners, such as V-Rally® 3D for Glu, Star Wars™ – Imperial Ace 3D for THQ or Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam™ for Infospace (Activison license) and most recently Gladiator™.

Thanks to the high-performance, platform-independent games engine ABYSS® which supports about 300 different Java™ and BREW™ devices and the iPhone™, FISHLABS’ titles are able to offer a quality never before attained in the sphere of mobile gaming. FISHLABS 3D mobile games are distributed worldwide over more than 160 well known network providers such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Orange, 3, Telefonica, Cingular, Sprint and Verizon as well as directly over www.fishlabs.net and www.fishlabs.mobi.

Just lately the company started to offer the mobile phone game community myFISHLABS, where users can benefit from features such as price advantages, easier payment, additional features, credit kick-backs, upgrades, and the exchange of information about their favourite mobile games with other community members.

For more information visit www.fishlabs.net.

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