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Burn the Rope

Keep the flame alive by tilting your iPhone.

Dec 20. 2010 London, Canada – Big Blue Bubble Inc. is pleased to announce the release and immediate worldwide availability of Burn the Rope, their new original game for iOS devices. Winning the hearts of users with smash hit Thumpies – game that reinvented the rhythm genre – developers are intended to do it again by brining to the App Store a unique game for all who are fascinated with flame and all kinds of fire effects.

Starting today users have the freedom to set fire without any fire hazard or need for a fire extinguisher. The game involves a mix of strategic planning, thinking ahead, coordination and the ability to stay in deep focus. Users have to feed the fire and burn as much rope as they can in each level to progress. The challenge is that fire only burns upwards, leaving players to tilt and turn their iPhones to keep the flame alive.

The game features 80 devilishly tricky levels with polished graphics and mesmerizing fire effects. Bugs that crawl along the rope spice things up demonstrating different reactions to the flame from level to level. Ants change the color of the flame so that users could burn different colored ropes, and the spider shoots out a web bridge providing access to the parts of the level that were beyond players’ reach before.

"Burn The Rope is our most innovative game initially prototyped with a string of rope and box of matches. It’s really easy to learn, but quite hard to master! That game was created with the whole family in mind and I’m sure that all family members will have enormous fun playing with fire." – said Damir Slogar, CEO of Big Blue Bubble Inc.

Device Requirements:

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Pricing and Availability:

Burn the Rope 1.0 is priced $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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Big Blue Bubble was founded by game industry veterans in February 2004 with one driving goal in mind – to become the leader in the video game industry.  Its experienced team is dedicated to making the best game possible by combining innovative design with stunning graphics and leading-edge technology.  The company philosophy is based on these simple guiding principles – to design addictive pick-up-and-play multi-platform games, to develop them in the highest quality possible and to deliver them on time and within budget.  With over 60 games in its portfolio and games distributed in 80+ countries, Big Blue Bubble leads the way in becoming a cornerstone of the gaming world.   

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