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Bungie coder to give free lecture at the University of Utah

Luke Timmins, multiplayer network coder on Bungie's Xbox hit Halo 2, is to give a lecture at a free event at the University of Utah on April 21st.

The event, organised by the Student International Game Developers Association (SIGDA) will take place at 6pm at the Engineering Mines Classroom Building in the university, and is open to the public.

Timmins joined Bungie in 2001 and worked on Halo 1 as a tester and tools developer before becoming the multiplayer network programmer for its sequel, which has sold over 6.4 million units worldwide since its launch in November.

Based on the University of Utah campus, the SIGDA was founded in late 2001 and is designed to give students at the university a place to come together and give aspiring developers information and networking opportunities to help them get a foot in the door of the industry.

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