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Bunch of Heroes

Humorous 4-player co-op top-down shooter on the way from Buenos Aires-based NGD Studios.

Buenos Aires – (October 29, 2010) NGD Studios, an independent game developer and publisher based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, announces first entry into the action games space.

Bunch of Heroes is a humorous 4 player cooperative top-down shooter for the PC. The game sets a super team of Earth’s warriors against an Alien invasion and their Zombie Army.

Play as Agent Liu, Jared Joe, El Comandante or Captain Smith as humanity’s last line of defense. Survive by any means wielding a huge arsenal including flame throwers, rail guns and gravity bombs. Or charge over-the-top super powers that will annihilate your enemies! Cooperate online with up to 4 players, level up and improve your attributes & skills.

Bunch of Heroes features stylized cartoon artwork, retro inspired music and cutting edge technology mixed with great humor to inspire zombie and Alien haters all over the world!

Based on the new proprietary engine Perfection, Bunch of Heroes started as a spare time project at NGD but quickly grew into full production once the team realized its potential. "This is what’s great about independent studios, there's always a chance to come up with something new. We hit the motherload with the Bunch”, said Leonardo Benaducci, Lead Engine programmer and father of the Perfection Engine.

"Like with Regnum Online, we are proud to be able to work in games our team loves. It's the only way to make internationally outstanding products in Latin America,”, said Andrés Chilkowski, General Manager of NGD Studios.

Bunch of heroes is slated for a Q2 2011 release for PC on major digital content delivery platforms.

Become a Hero, Earth needs a bunch of them at least!


Website link: http://www.bunchofheroes.com

IGF Entry link: http://www.igf.com/php-bin/entry2011.php?id=356

YouTube Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJxyT07Q-SM

Regnum Online link: http://www.regnumonlinegame.com

About NGD Studios

NGD Studios is Latin America’s leading developer of massively multiplayer online games. A fast growing community of thousands of simultaneous users is playing Regnum Online with friends across the world. Founded in 2004 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the company is focused on delivering the most engaging MMO games for an international audience. As an early innovator in the regional video game industry, NGD has built extreme expertise in player vs. player and cooperative game play which allows it to create intensely engaging and social games.

For more information please visit: www.regnumonlinegame.com and www.ngdstudios.com

For more information contact:

Andrés Chilkowski, GM, NGD Studios

Phone: +54.11.4862.6682

Email: andres.chilkowski(at)ngdstudios.com

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