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iPhone shooter from four ex-Pandemic folks.


Los Angeles, CA – November, 24, 2010 – Downsized Games welcomes all passengers to begin boarding the BulleTrain at all gates. Please be sure your updates are firmly downloaded, your attitude is safely stowed under your seat and your thumbs are limbered up for fun.

BulleTrain is a non-stop, shoot-‘em-up game that allows the player to step into the boots of one tough hombre who refuses to give into the man and accept his severance package. Miles Stone was the owner of a small shipping company on the planet Glendon-19 until the day Elaborate Acquisitions and the bullet trains reached his small town. Led by the dastardly JR the mega-corporation devised an elaborate scheme to buy, then sell, then buy again, then shut down Miles Stone Delivery. Left on the streets with nothing but his wits and a giant gun strapped to his delivery truck, Miles seeks payback. It’s time to hand out the pink slips…in BLOOD.

BulleTrain is an homage to old-school arcade shooters where the goal is to make you feel like you need just “one more try” to get to the next level. A simple premise, along with increasing difficulty and a constantly escalating sense of ridiculousness will keep you laughing (or at least help ease the pressure in your bowels ‘cause we know where you usually play these kinds of games) and coming back for more.

Anyone who ever wanted to take a metaphoric “shot” at their ex-boss, or just likes to explode things with their thumbs, will enjoy BulleTrain. You can download the full version now with over 30 train cars, four increasingly disproportionate boss cars, and one annoying CEO to blast to pieces. BulleTrain also offers Open Feint Leaderboards and Achievements, all for the low price of $1.99 on the App Store.

Downsized Games was founded by four ex- Pandemic Studio employees, who were perfectly happy with their lives until some large corporation came and shut them down. Instead of lying down and taking it, they seized the opportunity to create games the way they always wanted: fun and fast.

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