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Bulkypix - Battlestar Commander

Sci-fi shooter where you control ships "with a flick of a finger".

France & USA - November 2nd - Leading publisher and developer of games, BulkyPix, announces the impending availability of a turn based strategy game, BATTLESTAR Commander. Battlestar Commander is an action packed, multi-player tabletop sci -fi shooter. The games makes amazing use of iPhone's and iPad's multitouch feature - allowing you to navigate your ships and shoot at the enemy with a flick of a finger. It can sometimes be an exercise in dexterity, but the task is all the more fun as you see things explode on the screen.

Game Background:

The state of humanity is in peril. The dying sun, Earth depleted of resources, our galaxy is no longer capable of sustaining life. Deep in the little-explored regions of space, luckily we have found a world that could be our saving grace. Battle the opposing forces for control of this uninhabited world. In Battlestar Commander you act as a defender of your base. Using an array of ships at your disposal you must destroy as many planes of your enemy as possible and eventually the base itself as well.

Battlestar Commander offers two gameplay styles:

-        An EXTENSIVE SOLO CAMPAIGN mode with more than 10 hours of gameplay where you can discover over 22 planets and take on over 50 different missions. Earn your stripes, fame and glory by completing the missions you are assigned. Some missions have many pitfalls and your strategic military talents will be tested to the limit. Face them head on by improving your mothership, selecting and positioning the defense guns before heading off to battle. In addition use your strategic acumen to choose your fleet by carefully before taking on the enemy.

-        The 1V1 MULTIPLAYER MODE, lets you take on your friends in a turn-based, table top gaming style. Each round lasts only 10 seconds. In the allotted time you have to shoot down the most dangerous enemy fighters, launched at you by your opponent, while also positioning your troops to defend your base, readying yourself for the defensive.

With a flick of a fighter move your ships and fire at your enemy. Your tactical and strategic skills will be tested to the limits.


-        Amazing 3D graphics and a realistic AI - physics model

-        Over 10 hours of gameplay

-        A fantastic turn based game that tests your tactical and strategic skills

-        An epic campaign mode, with more than 20 planets and more than 50 missions

-        In game currency that enables you to further upgrade your BattleStar and your fleet of ship to maximize your striking power.

-        Divide your units between 6 types of shuttles that you have to preserve or sacrifice the right time

-        1v1 mode harboring unsuspected combinations that will make you the most fears opponent of new galaxies.

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