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Bubble Trubble

PSP puzzler to take a pop at.

November 12, 2009 – Creat Studios (Canton, MA) today announced that Bubble Trubble is now available as a PSP® Mini title for PSP® and PSP®go. The title is available for download on the PlayStation® Store for the PSP®, PSP®go and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

A classic puzzle game with a unique twist, Bubble Trubble turns bubble popping fun into a competitive sport! Delightful bubbles freely float and naturally settle according to the laws of physics. Try to get the bubbles to match colors as they land. Like-colored bubbles fuse together as one, creating even larger bubbles. Get them big enough and “POP!” they go, opening the door to exciting combos while the remaining bubbles settle into the available space. But make sure to keep them popping, because if you run out of space for new bubbles, it’s game over! To avoid any Trubble, you’ve gotta burst your Bubble!

Bubble Trubble is a single player game with two modes of gameplay:

· Survival Mode allows players to achieve the highest score by matching and popping the increasingly faster onslaught of colored bubble clusters.

· Challenge Mode presents specific set tasks for players to enhance their skills, such as only popping certain colored bubbles or preventing bubbles from getting too big.

“Bubble Trubble presents an exciting new spin on puzzle games,” said Vladimir Starzhevsky, CEO of Creat Studios. “We are thrilled to release our second PSP® Mini game, and I know players will find Bubble Trubble to be delightfully addictive and a lot of fun.”

Bubble Trubble has been rated “E” for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board for this platform.

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About Creat Studios: Creat Studios, Inc. is a premier developer of current and next-generation online, console and handheld games. Founded in 1990, Creat's corporate headquarters are located in Canton, Massachusetts, with development studios in Massachusetts and St. Petersburg, Russia. Creat Studios is an official developer for Sony PSP, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360, and is a publisher for PlayStation Network. For nearly two decades, Creat Studios has been delivering the highest standards of quality, expertise and client satisfaction to the game industry, and has built its business on meeting and exceeding the expectations of its clients and partners on every project. For more information, please visit


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