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Rising Star Games Announces A Bustling Release Schedule; PSP, DS™ and PS2 Games Unveiled, first ever Bubble Bobble Revolution screenshot released

Friday 29 July 2005/... Rising Star Games has revealed details of its autumn/winter 2005 releases, which include updates of one of videogaming's most treasured series and an entirely new PlayStation Portable 'Evolution' franchise.

The games scheduled for release in the closing half of 2005 are:

  • Swords of Destiny (PS2):

A 3rd person hack and slash adventure with beautiful visuals and an innovative sword system, allowing you to bolster your performance with the blades of your fallen foes. Coming in late September.

  • Bubble Bobble Revolution (NDS):

An update of the much-loved arcade classic for Nintendo's ground-breaking handheld, bringing the series into the modern age with a host of novel DS-specific features and a revolutionary competitive multiplayer mode. Arriving early October.

  • Space Invaders Evolution (PSP):

The shooter that started it all returns in an all-new guise. The evolution comes in the form of the Future Mode, which takes advantage of the PSP's staggering power to deliver an entirely unique take on the Space Invaders game dynamic. The package also contains two classic modes, including a brilliantly frenetic two-player competitive battle, where both players can play on one PSP. Due early November.

  • Rainbow Islands Revolution (NDS):

The revolution continues as yet another legendary Taito title gets its much-demanded update. Featuring a totally revolutionary control system, making the most of the touchscreen capabilities of the Nintendo DS, there's going to be a host of new ways to paint those islands with rainbows in November.

  • Bubble Bobble Evolution (PSP):

Following in the footsteps of its NDS cousin, Bubble Bobble Evolution takes the classic gameplay of the original to remarkable extremes in a truly unique update of the bubble-popping arcade legend, coming in February 2006.

Owe Bergsten, chairman, Rising Star Games, explains: "Following on from our Spring launch, the end of 2005 sees Rising Star Games really upping the ante. We're overjoyed to be bringing unique updates to the Bubble Bobble series in particular. There's been a great demand to have these titles brought into the modern era, for which the new handhelds from Nintendo and Sony are ideal platforms."

"But Rising Star Games is not just about updating classic franchises; we want to introduce new intellectual property which will be around for years to come. With Swords of Destiny on the PS2, we're showing that Rising Star will be releasing a diverse range of titles to cater for as many segments of the videogames audience as possible. It demonstrates that we're committed to innovating new brands as well as fondly remembered classics."

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