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Bryo and Buka: A B2B deal

The Entente: World War 1 Battlefields to hit the Apennines soon

18 October 2004, Moscow - Buka Entertainment, one of the leading publishers in Russia, is pleased to announce that it has inked a contract with Bryo, one of the well-known PC games publishers in Italy.

Bryo selected The Entente (the Italian name - "la Grande Guerra") for their X-mas 2004 line-up. Thus on 20th November the Italian-speaking gamers will be able to buy Buka's WW1 game in Italy, Vatican, San-Marino, and canton Ticino.

Bryo's Managing Director Pietro Montelatici stressed that "the game has certain mass market appeal and that it perfectly fits Bryo's wide distribution network that covers more then 25.000 retailers and kiosks".

" We are confident that the game will replicate the success it already had in Russia," added Pietro Montelatici.

"We are very enthusiastic about our cooperation with Bryo," commented Oksana Vovk, International Sales Manager for Buka. "Bryo is a serious publisher and we like the way they do their job. We're sure they will bring "la Grande Guerra" to the Italian gamers in the best possible way."

About The Entente : WW1 Battlefields

The Entente ("la Grande Guerra") is a real time strategy. Choosing one of the five belligerent states you become the commander of the army, complete with a variety of units from infantry and cavalry to battleships and chemical weapons. All units have been replicated with historic authenticity with the use of archive documents and photos. Economic and military advisers help control military and economic development by providing advice as to the necessary upgrades and production of resources and units. The game features practically all the large and notable battles of WW1, which you could take part in on any side. Thus you'll be able to know more about the historic battles and their outcomes or to rewrite history. More than 1,000 structures on the map and more than 80.000 units, high detailed landscapes, 3-D sound and an entire encyclopedia of armaments - the History will absorb you, you will become a commander wielding the fates of nations. And that all is "la Grande Guerra"!

About Bryo

Bryo is the Italian mobile and PC games publisher founded by professionals with over 13 years of experience in game development and publishing. Our priority is to offer to our customers excellent games with strong mass market appeal at competitive prices with the highest possible level of customer support.

About BUKA Entertainment

Buka Entertainment is a European publisher headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

Since its foundation in 1994 and up to the present Buka has released more than 100 games both home-grown and localized, including made in Russia Fair Strike, Battle Mages and The Entente: World War I Battlefields.

Russian games produced by Buka became the internationally anticipated and recognized brands. Buka's games came to 70 countries of the globe, such as the US, the UK, Japan, Germany, France, and Eastern Europe.

We signed our titles with more than 56 Publishers scattered around the world. Among them, we have names like Encore, Capcom, Acclaim, Cenega, Data Becker, JoWooD, Ubi Soft, and a number of smaller, but reliable and good partners as well, leaders in their respective territories.

The recent years were flagged with the steadfast expansion of Buka's direct sales operations spanning the Russian Federation and CIS countries through to Mainland China, where Buka established a subsidiary company in fall 2004.

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Julia Gribonosova

Buka Entertainment

ICQ: 70616997

Tel.: +7(095) 780-90-92 ext. 336

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