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Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal

Now localised to French, Spanish, German and Polish.

Warsaw, Poland – 14 July 2010 – Codeminion ® , a leading publisher and developer of casual games, has announced the launch of their latest downloadable casual adventure game Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal in localized to French, Spanish, German and Polish versions. All versions are immediately available for purchase at the official game website Trial versions are available for free download as well. Customers who already purchased the English version of the game can switch to any localized version of their choice without having to purchase the game again.

The release of the localized versions, the confirmation of upcoming Mac and iPad ports and the recent announcement of the Brunhilda sequel confirms Codeminion’s constant dedication to bringing high quality digital entertainment to a broad audience of gamers across many platforms and markets. Along with the release of localized versions, TwinBottles, the developer of the original game, released a new version of the game. Numbered 1.26, the new version brings many improvements and a brand new Adventure game mode, that was requested by fans of classic adventure games. The new mode makes Brunhilda experience more challenging by disabling the many interactive hints present throughout the game. Codeminion also confirmed, that more language versions of Brunhilda are already in development and will be announced soon.

About Brunhilda

The game takes Brunhilda, a young linguistics student from New York, on an unexpected wild journey to the varied lands of the Magical Realm - a place she thought was just an innocent, weird fantasy of her eccentric aunt. The story focuses on an ancient prophecy and makes Brunhilda personally responsible for solving the great mystery of fading magic and, as it turns out, also saving the world. The story is packed with many twists and turns, humorous dialogues and the gameplay is a mixture of hidden object mechanic, puzzles and point & click quest solving.

Gamers can learn more about Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal, download the latest version of the game, watch the trailer and purchase the game for 9.99 USD online at the official game website available at and also on the official Codeminion website available at The game is currently in exclusive soft-launch but it has already received multiple enthusiastic reviews on the Internet. The universal launch across major game portals is expected by the end of July 2010.

About Codeminion

Founded in 2004, Codeminion S.C. has successfully developed and published many hit games such as Ancient Quest of Saqqarah TM , StoneLoops! of Jurassica TM and Magic Match TM . Preferring quality over quantity, Codeminion focuses on creating clever, innovative and highly polished titles for demanding gamers. To learn more about Codeminion visit

About TwinBottles

In 2008 two game developers founded Twin Bottles S.C. with one purpose in mind - to make games they themselves would like to play. Since then they are creating not just highly polished, beautiful games, but real adventures. To learn more about Twinbottles visit

Codeminion, GameClubCafe are registered trademarks and Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal, StoneLoops! of Jurassica, Ancient Quest of Saqqarah are trademarks of Codeminion S.C. TwinBottles is a trademark of TwinBottles S.C. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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