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Brown Noise From Impromptu Software


DERBY, UK. - October 25th 2006

A new force for interactive game-audio is about to be unleashed in the UK. Impromptu Software Limited is nearing completion of its next-generation game-audio engine, iSAudio, under the management of game-audio coding specialist Nigel James Brown.

This new technology will allow game sound designers to create a higher level of realism than ever before by integrating an intuitive audio editor system with a powerful underlying cross-platform interactive audio system.

The system is currently in the final testing process, and work is currently progressing well on the front-end editor system due to be available before the end of December 2006.

Impromptu Software's Company Director Nigel James Brown, is proud of the new technology. "It will allow us to support developers in their mission to target emotion and more film-like audio within the realms of interactive entertainment. Developers will be able to save in-house resources by utilising our consultative services and technology to extend their games to support high-quality interactive audio."

Surprisingly Impromptu Software is not planning to charge a fee for the use of iSAudio but will license their technology freely to a developer that uses their consultative support on a regular basis. "We looked down the road of licensing," Said Nigel, "but we decided we would try a different approach to the normal middleware model. Developers can gain a distinct advantage by using us to help implement the audio system in their products rather than just giving them a code-base and saying 'off you go' "

Nigel has just finished supporting FreeStyleGames on their BAFTA nominated game B-Boy for Sony PlayStation2 and PSP platforms. As a Technical Audio Consultant, Nigel helped to complete the audio side of the game by working with the in-house programming team. He also linked up the technical and creative side of the audio by working closely with Audio Director, John Broomhall of Broomhall Projects Limited.

Chris Lee, Commercial Director of FreeStyleGames, said "Impromptu Software has proved to be a valuable resource to augment our in-house team. Nigel's professional focus on audio technology and implementation came at just the right time for the project and aided our timely delivery of the sound and music content for B-Boy. We are certainly looking to use Impromptu's services on future projects, and we will be looking closely at utilising their iSAudio technology."

Nigel left a prominent in-house position as Audio Manager at Core Design in March 2006 to work full-time for Impromptu Software Limited as a freelance audio consultant.

While at Core Design he worked on a number of projects including creation of a cross-platform audio system to support the Tomb Raider series of games.

Before then he worked on the legendary Geoff Crammond's series of Grand Prix racing simulators for Microprose/Atari as a dedicated audio programmer. Here he expanded the audio support for the product to include 3D surround-sound and environmental effects as well as implementing a system for interactively mixing the game sound in real-time.

For further information contact Nigel James Brown on +44 (0)7810 848483 or email

Additional Notes:

According to urban myth: Brown noise is a very low frequency sound that makes your internal organs vibrate causing loss of bowel control!

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