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Ancient empire strategy game downloadable now.

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Cary, NC, 01 November 2010

Is today's modern world bringing you down? Tired of political bickering, economic woes, rampant crime, the possibility of civilization destroying solar storms, and Kevin Trudeau infomercials? Ready for something new and exciting? How does leading an ancient empire, without any tedious micromanagement, against the multitude of foes that surround your humble lands, sound? And you can do it in about ten to fifteen minutes!

Welcome to the exciting world of Bronze!

Bronze is a new and unique downloadable strategy title for Windows, developed by Dreamspike Studios of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and published by Shrapnel Games. It is available for immediate purchase starting today, for the low price of only $29.95.

Bronze is fast paced, innovative, addictive, historical, and easy to get into. And though yes, it's about power projection, it's power projection in a friendly, colorful puzzle/Eurogame style that everyone can enjoy. Crushing your neighbors and hearing the lamentation of their women has never been so bloodless.

Within the game are twelve historically accurate civilizations, spanning the Early, Middle, and Late Bronze Age. Each of these civilizations, from the Akkadians to the Sumerians, plays uniquely. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, meaning that there are twelve ways to play Bronze. Just as one civilization is mastered, new tactics will be needed for the next civilization.

There are several ways to play Bronze. New players will want to start off with the ten campaigns. Each campaign features several civilizations of increasing difficulty to play, making the campaigns a natural way to learn the ins and outs of the various empires. By the time the final campaign is finished players will have an excellent grasp of how each empire plays, and how best to lead their chosen civilizations.

Finishing the campaigns is only the beginning! Players can then create their own custom matches and tournament, playing either against the AI or three other players in Hotseat mode. Then there is the crown ziggurat, Survival mode. In Survival mode a player can choose their favorite civilization and battle against all comers in a series of matches. How long can your empire reign?

It should be noted that Bronze is a great game for today's hectic lifestyle. An individual match can take anywhere from only five to fifteen minutes to play, yet thanks to the multiple campaigns and endless custom games gamers can enjoy Bronze for years to come.

With a mesmerizing musical score, great handcrafted art, endless replayability, and a Eurogame sensibility rarely seen in computer gaming, Bronze is a breath of fresh air in strategy gaming. Enough of us talking about it though, let's point you folks to a nice helpful link so you can purchase the game or first grab the demo.

To purchase Bronze, download a demo, or read more about the game please visit its official product page.

Bronze is available for Windows as a download (only) for $29.95.

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