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Leicester, September 6th, 2004 - On November the 9th, Earth will never be the same again. Come November 27th everything will be very different. Prepare yourselves for BXB LAN 5: Combat Evolved., hosts of the biggest UK Xbox LAN events, today announced their fifth and most exciting LAN event yet to be held at Loughborough University on Saturday November 27th.

LAN 5 is being held as a celebration of the release of the most anticipated game in the history of console gaming - Halo 2.

Michael Rossell, Editor and LAN Manager for commented: "We're taking LAN 5 back to our roots in a way, we started the first LAN event simply out of the desire to play 16 player Halo and since then the game has been a constant feature of our events.

"And with BXB LAN 5 we're breaking from the normal routine and having a day dedicated to celebrating the launch of the one game everyone has been waiting for - Halo 2.

"If you're a fan of the traditional style LAN events, don't worry, you'll still be able to play which ever games you choose but all the competitions will be held in Halo 2.

"We will confirm more details of the next LAN event over the next few weeks but tickets are already up for sale with all the usual discounts for bringing equipment along."

You can book your tickets online at

Notes to Editors:

The cost of booking a ticket online and bringing a TV will be only £10, if you book online without bringing a TV then it will cost you £14 and for entry on the door we'll charge a flat rate of £18.

By booking online with a TV you'll be saving £8 in comparison to the entry on the door fee as well as giving us an idea of how many people will be visiting. This will allow us to book the right rooms and bring the right equipment meaning the events will run smoother overall.

And remember most PC LAN events cost over £25 and they still expect you to bring your own equipment without a discount.

Contact Information

If you like anymore information on BXB LAN 5 please contact Michael Rossell, Editor and LAN Manager at

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