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It's official, in a survey carried out by gaming giant Nintendo, Brits voted David Beckham the most popular tattoo covered celeb to copycat. So to keep up with Mr Beckham the ultimate style icon, the Game Boy Advance SP has had a tattoo of its own and the Game Boy Advance SP Tribal edition has been born.

When choosing what motif to have indelibly marked onto their skin, a third of British tattoo fans go for a tribal pattern above all others. Gone are the days of 'I love Mum' heart shaped tattoos, anchors and Celtic bands. Today, it's all about the tribal design, with Japanese and Chinese symbols coming a close second.

The survey discovered that 33% of men and women admitted that they had wanted a tattoo for vanity reasons, claiming tattoos are fashionable and make them look good. 45% of people surveyed also had more than one tattoo, following the example of celebrities such as Eminem, Angelina Jolie and Robbie Williams.

Nearly 80% claim they won't regret their tattoo when they get old and wrinkly. However, not everyone is comfortable with the thought of a needle or permanent markings, so Nintendo recommends that they get their hands on an exclusive Game Boy Advance SP Tribal edition instead.

The tribal tattoo on the Game Boy Advance SP console is based on ancient designs originating from Polynesian and Indian culture, making it both unique and original. The Game Boy Advance SP Tribal Edition is guaranteed to appeal to the more style conscious gamer, while it still boasts the ultimate gaming experience that Nintendo is famous for. So whether you are at a skate park with your mates, hanging out at music festivals or just chilling in the park, make sure you take the ultimate style gadget, the Game Boy Advance SP Tribal Edition with you.

The limited edition Game Boy Advance SP Tribal Edition is out now at the estimated price of £89.99.

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Notes to editors:

The Nintendo survey discovered the following interesting facts:-

  • 90% of all respondents do not regret having a tattoo
  • 79% of all respondents claim they will not regret having a tattoo later on in life
  • 45% of all respondents have had between two and five tattoos
  • 32% of all respondents have a Tribal tattoo design
  • 30% of all respondents have had a tattoo to look good
  • 18% of all respondents created their own tattoo design
  • Celebrity tattoos most admired by all respondents include David Beckham (21%), Robbie Williams (19%), Eminem (12%) and Angelina Jolie (10%)

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