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Trick-taking card game for the iPhone, playable against pals via Wi-Fi.

The chronicles of Briscas, a war spanning centuries, now completely free for your iPhone and iPod Touch, brings an epic battle of religion, government, militia and armies, in this exclusive multiplayer version. To celebrate the success of Briscas, a briscola-variant card game, Makebari has published a full featured exclusive multiplayer version of the game. Go get your friends and play Briscas over WIFI LAN today. Look for the game at:

This easy to learn but hard to master trick-taking card game is available in five languages, featuring dozens of achievements and the most impressive graphics of any iPhone card game yet. Rumor has it that Makebari will be bringing this great game to a Mac near you.

About Pordiversion:

Pordiversion Inc., developer of Briscas for the iPhone, is an independent development studio with experience in interactive media for the educational and advertising industry. After several success stories, Pordiversion focused on the development of entertainment software. Using creativity over technology as the driving tool for development, the company manages all aspects of their productions, minimizing costs without sacrificing quality nor deadlines. More information about the company and its projects can be found at

About Makebari:

Makebari Inc. is a new games publishing company, founded to develop targeted nitch games for innovative platforms and online services, delivered exclusively through digital distribution channels, while maintaining efficient core and lean operations.

Makebari develops and licenses technology that allows simultaneous development for iPhone, PC, Mac, WebBrowser and Nintendo Wii platforms. Although, current focus is on iPhone and the Apple store, the tech is flexible enough to accommodate emerging opportunities. More information about the company can be found at

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