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Briffa launches new anti-piracy legal services

Interactive media law firm Briffa has launched a special service called RAIDAR which is designed to allow companies to pursue counterfeiting operations without worrying about the costs of the legal action involved.

Described as the first fixed-price service of its type, RAIDAR (Raid - Asset Recovery) has been created by Briffa in partnership with an international alliance of local investigators, enforcement agencies, customs and other administrative authorities.

The aim of the new service is to ensure that counterfeiting operations - even those located in piracy hot-beds such as China - can be identified, investigated and shut down within an agreed budget, rather than causing spiralling legal costs for the victim companies.

"Whilst businesses are painfully aware of the damage that piracy does, we found that most are concerned that the costs of tackling the problem might outweigh the benefits," explained Briffa partner Alex Chapman. "RAIDAR will prove that this does not need to be the case."

As part of the launch of this new service, Briffa is offering to undertake free market surveys for evidence of counterfeiting for a period of one month for the first ten companies to contact the law firm.

Companies wishing for further information on RAIDAR should contact Briffa solicitor Naazneen Schmittzehe on +44 (0)207 288 6003 or visit [the Briffa website].

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