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Planning a series of events tomorrow with Running Pixel games offered as prizes.

Lentini - Italy - Running Pixel is pleased to announce “Bricks4Ever Giveaway Friday” one day of instant contests every gamer can enter to win dozens of our Indie Games. On 7^th August the contest will start on Running Pixel web site and on Twitter in a 24h marathon of questions, little enigmas and quizzes.

A fresh giveaway rain for Xbox gamers is coming.

Would you like a free game? Of course you would!

Bricks4Ever Giveaway Friday gives all gamers the chance to win dozens of Xbox redeem codes .

The rules are simple:

Download the free trial of the Xbox Live Indie Game

'Bricks4Ever' , answer the questions or solve the little quizzes we post in our site** *

**or** **Twittered** **here** * and *win *our Xbox Indie games.*

**To download the game from your Xbox 360 go to:*

*Game Marketplace>Indie Games>Browse>Click 'B' and locate Bricks4Ever

**or **book Bricks4Ever free trial on web here: ***


(Your Xbox 360 console will automatically download the content next time you turn it on and connect to Xbox LIVE.)*


The winners list will be published on Running Pixel site on 8^th Saturday.

Winners will receive redeem codes for Bricks4Ever and Crystal Crush by email.

*The contest will run until August 7^th .*

That's all there is to it. Have fun!

**About Running Pixel**

Running Pixel is a privately owned independent casual game developer founded in 2008 by founders of JavArt (since 2003). The company gathers mobile and video game experts to create top quality multi-platform games. The consolidated experience in design and development and the in-house built exclusive tools and processes enable RP to create the highest quality games:

“We believe in good ideas and we do our best to transform them in fun games. The platform doesn't matter, we'd like that our games can be played everywhere without losing a single instant of fun. Anyway we do not forget where we are coming from, mobile games. We think that a mobile approach in the ideation of a game is a good way to get a fun and

playable casual game.”. . Xbox Live let us to reach a large number of gamers enjoying our products.



Free demo:

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