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Breathtaking. Both graphically and emotionally, the straightforward turmoil of battle in Warhammer: Mark of Chaos hits directly at the heart of the worldwide gaming community.

Basingstoke, England, November 24th , The human Empire is facing its ultimate threat: Khorne, the Chaos God of War, is plunging the Empire into ruin. His followers, both mortal and Daemonic, are invading the Empire from the north aided by the Orcs. Only a powerful alliance between High Elves and Humans will be able to stop them. Warhammer: Mark of Chaos focuses on battling. With its highly detailed graphics, its wide range of different heroes and its big emotions it brings not just a breath of fresh air but a powerful storm into the genre of strategy games.

With Warhammer®: Mark of Chaos, NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., Deep Silver and the Hungarian development studio Black Hole Entertainment, working closely with licensor Games Workshop, have created a true homage to the origins of the Warhammer universe in the tabletop genre. The game follows the formula for success of the tabletop wargame that has sold by the millions worldwide and clearly focuses on the high art of warfare while simple and troublesome management of bases and resources fade into the background. Instead, the player is faced with earth-shattering epic battles, impressive landscapes and architecture, a wide range of armies and heroes and a new battle system with the complex feature morale.

Zoom factor 100

One thing that immediately stands out is the graphics in Warhammer: Mark of Chaos with their unprecedented richness in detail. Thousands of soldiers with different faces, clearly recognizable insignia on their armour and flags, authentic-looking and destructible buildings to a scale of 1:1 and fascinating light and particle effects with plumes of powder and smoke and billows of dust, visible from a great distance, create a highly tense atmosphere. The player can zoom into and out of the thick of the battle in any situation and choose to admire the stunning 3D map from the perspective of a warrior or of a bird. The terrain and the landscapes offer advantages and disadvantages for friends and foes alike, depending on the evolvement of the plot.

Customize your forces to your heart's content

Unlike other strategy games, in Warhammer: Mark of Chaos players can lick the troops of the four Warhammer races (Human Empire, Chaos, High Elves and Skaven) into shape with the help of the army designer. With a few mouse clicks, every single soldier is given his own coat of arms, uniform, colours and even body parts. Moreover, if you wish you can recruit mercenaries from other Warhammer races such as the Dwarfs or the Goblins and integrate them into your army or turn them into a separate unit. The key characters of each army are the heroes and champions. They boast a whole range of skills that are arranged in a skill tree. On each level, every hero will obtain various skills in the battle, leadership and duel categories. When two enemy heroes meet, a murderous duel ensues, a game within the game where the commander gets to cleverly pit the character's obtained skills against his opponent.

Energy and morale

In order to enhance the battle atmosphere and to increase battle dynamics, the Black Hole experts have introduced a novelty into Warhammer: Mark of Chaos: morale. Every unit and every hero has their own morale bar. Inexperienced units are more scared than battle-tried mercenaries, and a clever attack from the flanks or a lost duel and high losses have a particularly negative effect on the forces' fighting spirit. If morale drops to zero, everybody takes flight and can only be deployed again after a certain amount of time has passed. A new and realistic challenge for players who cannot be sure any longer that their orders will be followed blindly.

The whole army draws from a so-called energy reservoir, a kind of potion that fills by collective and individual successes and brings back strength and energy.

Single-player and multiplayer

In campaign mode with at least 40 missions single players can choose to fight on the side of either the holy Empire or of infernal Chaos. In multiplayer mode, up to six players can play on about 40 maps with additional fortress scenarios where one party takes on the part of the attackers and the other the part of the defenders.


Warhammer: Mark of Chaos offers long-lasting motivation and excitement for expert gamers and beginners alike. Battles in lavish graphics, huge numbers of freely customizable soldiers and heroes and the distinct focus on the turmoil of battle make this strategy an absolute highlight of the gamers' autumn!


True art of warfare

Massive, breathtaking battles

Destructible structures in lavish graphics

Lots of champions and thousands of soldiers

Infinite customizing and learning opportunities

Multiple gaming modes

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