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Breath of Death VII: The Beginning

Breath of Death VII: The Beginning, the first RPG from indie game developer, Zeboyd Games, has achieved a LTD conversion rate of over 66.6% with sales of over 20,000 copies in the first 70 days since release. Conversion rate is defined as the number of sales divided by the number of demo downloads. Breath of Death VII has also achieved

the second highest user rating of any XBox Live Indie Game on the US marketplace with an average rating of 4.75 out of 5.

"We are thrilled with these results," says Breath of Death VII

creator, Robert Boyd. "Most casual game developers consider their game a success if they manage to achieve a double digit conversion rate. To have achieved a rate of over 2/3rds is just phenemonal."

"I attribute our high conversion rate to the high quality of the game, the positive press we've received on sites like Yahoo and Kotaku, and the tremendous value the game provides. In a world where even indie RPGs frequently have price tags of $20 and above, being able to buy a great RPG like Breath of Death VII for $1 is unheard of."

Zeboyd Games' next RPG, a dark comedy called Cthulhu Saves the World starring the insanity-inducing monstrosity from the horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft will have a slightly higher price tag of $3 due to price/size limitations imposed on XBox Live Indie Games ($1 games are limited to 50MBs, whereas $3 & $5 games can take up to 150MBs).

However, the developers at Zeboyd Games are hard at work to make Cthulhu Saves the World just as much of a value as Breath of Death VII.

"Cthulhu Saves the World is longer, the visuals look better, the gameplay is deeper and more balanced, there's more music and the music we are using is of higher quality, and the story is more interesting than the already great Breath of Death VII. Not only that, but there will be greater incentives to replay the game with multiple difficulty levels and three unlockable bonus modes, one of which (Cthulhu's Angels) will include new dialogue and a bonus playable character."

Breath of Death VII: The Beginning was released on April 22, 2010 on the XBox Live Indie Games Marketplace. The demo and full version can be downloaded at or directly on the XBox 360 Games Marketplace.

Cthulhu Saves the World is currently scheduled to be released on the XBox Live Indie Game Marketplace at the end of August 2010.

For more information or questions about Zeboyd Games, Breath of Death VII, or Cthulhu Saves the world, please contact or visit

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